What is a wiki?

"Wiki wiki" means "quick in Hawaiian. Wikis are so named because of their easy-to-use, collaborative platform that allows users to create, modify, and link Web pages without knowledge of complex Web authoring technologies. Wikis have become popular teaching tools that capture the "ideal" of the web as a virtual space where information is created and shared with open editing.

Beach Wiki is a secure wiki environment that can provide a wiki for every course requested by an instructor. Beach Wiki makes it easy to share your syllabus and assignments, while also creating an online community and resource for your students.

Perhaps the best feature of Beach Wiki is that it is easy to create, update, and revise Web pages without having to know technical or programming language. Beach Wiki uses familiar, word-processor-style editing tools for adding and editing text and images. It also has simple integration with many Web 2.0 services, such as Google Docs and You Tube. You can add links to your favorite resources, include images and pictures to enhance your curriculum, and promote group projects.

What are some educational benefits of using a wiki?

  • Promotes asynchronous communication and collaboration
  • Emphasizes student-centered learning
  • Encourages socially constructed knowledge
  • Facilitates teamwork
  • Aids writing skills
  • Advocates creativity

What are some ways to use a course wiki?

  • Create e-portfolios of class work
  • Online journals
  • Debate topics
  • Collaborative projects
  • Share resources and class notes
  • Distribute student materials

What are some security and authenticity considerations?

  • Decide the security levels for your course wiki. It can be set to only allow authorized members of your class to read or modify content. (Beach Wiki default is "Private.")
  • Wikis should be monitored for accuracy and inappropriate content.
  • Information that was modified or deleted can easily be restored.
  • See the Beach Wiki Acceptable Use Agreement for more information.