Beach Wiki Acceptable Use Agreement

Please note that Beach Wiki is a web site for education purposes. When contributing to a Beach Wiki course site, you agree to abide by the following rules:

  • Participate in a respectful and civil way. See the Wikipedia page on Civility for additional information about respectful participation.
  • Use materials like pictures, music or other media that you have created yourself or that you have the legal right to use. See the CSULB Policy on Copyright and Fair Use for guidance. Do not add materials or text to Beach Wiki if you are in doubt about its copyright status.
  • Collaboration involves more than one individual. Beach Wiki spaces are not for creating an individual web page or blog.
  • Make sure that content on all Beach Wikispaces adheres to the CSULB Electronic Communications Systems and Services Acceptable Use Policy. Do not include any confidential or sensitive information (i.e. Social Security numbers) in a Beach Wiki space.

The Office of Academic Technology, California State University, Long Beach